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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have to live in the community to be a member?
No, members are welcome to live outside the community.

Is the course walkable?
Yes, many members walk exclusively.

Who designed the course?
Greg Nash, a Phoenix-based architect, was best known for dozens of courses that he designed with Billy Casper for Del Webb-developed communities in Arizona, California, and Nevada.

Can members bring guests and what is the cost?
Yes, members may bring guests who pay a green fee, amount depending on the time of year.

Is the initiation fee refundable?
No, it is a one-time fee that is reinvested in enriching the club.

Will I have trouble getting a tee time?
No, as long as you utilize our equitable lottery system.

Is there a trail fee?
Yes, for private carts. (inquire with membership for specifics)

Is there a pool, gym, and pickleball / tennis courts?
Yes, however, those amenities are not included in the golf membership.

If major capital projects are done are members liable?
No, the membership is assessment free.